Wall-Weave DIY..

This took about two weeks and is not that big but I’m glad I stuck with it and made my own finally!

Pretty Pancakes

Made these for the occasion that is Pancake Tuesday…  

Doodle plates

I’m obsessed with a modern take on China Pattern plates; when I get stuck on something I find it hard to drop- so as I’m poor I decided to design them myself.. 

Wash The Face..

This is the only cleanser I use and I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else.

Cliffs of Moher

Ended up in Clare for the weekend and it did not disappoint. First stop: Cliffs

Hi there…

Welcome to CoconutTrunk! This is my little ‘web-trunk’, which I use to share recipes, trips, products, photos… basically anything of interest to me.. Feel free to get in contact or share with me at coconuttrunk@gmail.com Enjoy! P x