Lunch this week: Stack Salad Box

In an attempt to Save Money, Eat Healthy and added bonus of Weight Loss, I’ve made out a weekly shopping plan and whatever I buy on a Sunday night has to do me until the following Sunday..It gets pretty bleak come Friday morning but it’s definitely helping on the money front.

Currently Adoring: Home

Now that I am officially saving for my trip to Greece this Summer I have to avoid online shopping at all costs. But as a result I find myself pining over images on Pinterest- in particular Homes and Deco. Below are a few bits i’ve pinned to my home board for inspiration if I ever…

Mexican Chicken Soup

This is the best hot-pot style meal for anyone who’s a fan of spicy Mexican!

Morning Green Juice 

Pineapple Spinach Grapefruit Wheatgrass Lime Juice Coconut Water ~Boom Bitch Boom~

Birchbox Love

I received my first BirchBox last week and I am so in love.