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WP HEader

Now that I am officially saving for my trip to Greece this Summer I have to avoid online shopping at all costs. But as a result I find myself pining over images on Pinterest- in particular Homes and Deco.

Below are a few bits i’ve pinned to my home board for inspiration if I ever get around to re-doing my apartment…

Plants above bed.:  Absolutely love the plant life. I love plants. They are my life.

Urban Outfitters Tumblr:

Chunky knit pillows- Have to get a pattern for this.


DIY: woven leather stool:

Homemade. Leather. Stool.

Ella Claire Bathroom Makeover Using Open Shelving & Glass Jars:

Love this shelving idea- especially in a tiny bathroom like mine..

>> Making This Home <<:

Colours & Textures give me life.


I don’t even know what one hangs in a woven bag off a wall; but I want regardless…



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