DIY Denim Frayed Shorts

 I’m poor.

I spent all my money on my Summer Trip to Greece. It’s completely justified but at the moment all I want to do is shop and buy new things and I can’t..

 So I’ve decided to ‘up-cycle’ my wardrobe to satisfy myself. Every week I’m going to post a DIY of what I’ve made/upgraded/ripped/dyed/ruined…basically so you can see how easy it is to do these things yourself and how much better you’ll feel when you’ve done it yourself as opposed to spending ridiculous money on it!

This week I started simple and went for the classic- Cut your jeans into Shorts. #basicbitch.

 The only thing I want to point out is the fraying of the ends- people don’t know how easy it is to fray denim- It took me countless YouTube tutorials to figure out that this shit is easy. And the beauty is you don’t have to worry about it being completely even and measured as denim always looks good relaxed and kinda shabby. .

 You’ll Need:

  • Denim jeans you’re ready to sacrifice- I went for boyfriend style as I wanted the baggy look
  • Good Scissors- a crap one will do, it’ll just take longer
  • Tweezers 
  1. So- fold your jeans, decide in and around what length you want and cut.
  2. Next I tried mine on to see where they actually were sitting length wise- mine were coming in a little long for my preference so i folded them up (while still wearing) to my actual length and take them off leaving the fold in place.
  3. Now get back your scissors and cut along your fold- now you know the length is what you were going for.
  4. Easy part done- tedious part to go- Fraying.
  5. If you don’t want much of a fray I’d advise you to grab a nail-file and basically file the new hem of your shorts like you would your nails- this will just give your shorts a nice shabby finish.
  6. To Fray- it’s so easy it’s just if like me you’re doing this shit by hand it’s going to be tedious and you can’t really speed up the process.                                                            Basically to get a fray you need to pull out the cross threads that are width-ways with your tweezers.. so in my case these are the white threads that are horizontal. The first few will come out very easy and will be quite bitty because we roughly cut across the pants.Don’t worry just keep pulling
  7. After a while you’ll start to see a fraying effect come about- good job.
  8. When I got to the back of the pants I decided to cut a slight curve to go around the pocket- this will create a slight curve to the fray as well which I like- but again it’s a preference.
  9. When you’ve front and back done try your shorts on- they may be too long, the fray may be too much- the possibilities are endless really- just decide what you want to do- can cut the fray off all together or trim it to create a neater looking finish- I left my fray pretty frayed- because I personally like the homeless look.

 *Note it was night-time by the time I finished these hence the colour change in the photos!

So you’re pretty much done on the frayed shorts tutorial- if the top half of your pants are looking a bit plain- grab a cheese grater or nail file and go to town on patches, this will automatically distress the jeans and give them a more relaxed finish!

So do what you want- the above is just a guideline of how I approached the Frayed Shorts look- let me know how you get on or how you would change these!



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