Raw: Orange Chocolate Bars

I love Chocolate, all forms all the time. But coming into Summer and trying to get into better shape for Summer means I can’t really be at it anymore…

So I decided to try and make my own healthy version for when I’m craving something sweet and about to crack. In comes- Chocolate Orange Raw Bars.. They’re so much nicer than you would think, honestly.What you need..

  • 200g Cashews
  • About 35 Dates
  • 5 Tablespoons of Cocoa Powder
  • 25ml Orange Essence
  1. Blitz the Cashews on high speed until they’re nice bitty, you want to stop before they turn to powder.
  2. Remove the cashew bits and add in the dates, blitz until the dates start to form a ball, then add in your cocoa and orange and blitz again until all combined. Note: It won’t look good.
  3. Next in a bowl using your hands combine the nuts and date mix.
  4. Line a tray or baking dish with parchment paper, dump your mix out and using the back of a spoon, compress and smooth out the mixture until it’s all even.
  5. Pop in the freezer for about an hour or two.
  6. Take out, cut into as many shapes and slices as you desire.
  7. Done.



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